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        Abisheik Ganguly

        Fine Baby Super Dry - Smart Lock, Small 3-6 Kgs, Jumbo Pack, 204 Count

        AED 83.00

        Description: The New and Improved Fine Baby SuperDry Diaper, with its SmartLock System, is the ONLY diaper in the world recommended by the experts and doctors of the “Medical Wellness Association”; for its high quality is keeping your baby’s skin dry and healthy. With its Super Absorbent Gel Core, Large Green Layer and Leak Barriers, the New and Improved Fine Baby quickly absorbs and locks the liquids away from your baby’s soft skin, and helps keep it healthy. Features: Green layer to prevent leakage High absorbtion core Chamomile lotion Cotton feel backsheet Elasticated ears Sterilized عرض المزيد

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