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        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

        By : Chinar Mustafa , على 16-07-19

        One of the most leading features of shirts is its collar style. The style of collar is the key element of shirts. The style of the shirt depends on the style of the collar. Every man should have all the collared styles of shirts in their wardrobe. Different styles of collar shirt designs are a trending statement in men’s fashion. Here, Asaan offers you to choose the finest collar shirts that are best suited for your preferences. It gives you a guide of different types of men’s collared shirts and how to pair these collar shirts, to give any man a perfect style statement.

        Spread collar Shirts

        Spread collar shirts are the British traditional fashion. The basic collared shirts come in spread collar type. It is the most common type of collar that can be worn as regular or on any occasion. It comes in two types - small spread collar shirts and tall spread collar shirts. A small spread collar shirt gives you a smooth and refined look. A man who wears this type of collar shirt has a different elegant look. Tall spread collar shirts are best suited for formals because formality comes in this type of collared shirts. It can be worn under a suit or blazer.

        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

        Cutaway Collar Shirts

        The cutaway collar is the boldest collar. This cutaway collar men’s shirts are best suited for those who want to look bold and stylish. Space between the collars is wide, so it gives you different choices to combine it with any type of knots. These come in two types like semi and extreme. Semi cutaway collar can be wear as a formal or casual, but extreme cutaway collar wear only as a casual. The cutaway collar looks good in patterned or solid color shirts. This type of collar is best suited on a slim face.

        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

        Band or Mandarin Collar

        Basically, a Mandarin collar is pretty versatile. This type of collar is not a type of collar, it is just a band in place of a collar. This type of collar has no collar leaves. It is best suited for a casual look. The only bowtie can be combined with this collar type shirt. Band collar always gives one a modern look.

        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

        Button-Down Collar Shirts

        Button-down collar shirt was first introduced in England. Later it became a popular and favored American style. If you like a professional look and when you do not want to wear a tie then these collared type shirts are perfect. Button-down style always fastens the collar edge so it looks always perfect, straight or pointed collar. This is best suited for a sporting style & comes in a small button-down collar or rolled button-down collar. Use noon coupon code to save on button-down collar shirts.

        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

        Tab Collar Shirts

        Can be renamed as James Bond shirts donned by Daniel Craig in the Skyfall. Tab Collar shirts give a classy and vintage look. This type of collar shirt is always worn with a tie. This type of collar style pulls the collar tips closer and also lifting the knot of your tie. To look at men’s fashion it comes in detachable or removable style. These types of collar shirts are difficult to find nowadays. ThisTab collar shirts are suited on any face shape like oval shape, round shape, etc.

        5 Types of Collared Shirts to Own

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