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        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        By : Huda Qadar , على 19-06-19

        Travelling is an important part of human life and is done for various purposes including recreation, tourism, religious trips, business travels, for vacationing, for migrating, for special purposes like charity and also for research studies, etc. Travelling can be done by various means according to the geographical area and availabilities of various mode of transports in that particular area. Usually, long-distance traveling is done by railways or by means of air.

        Traveling for recreation and tourism is done at a place which has some extraordinary natural or man-made beauty as these are the main source of attractions. Man-made beauty includes the historical monuments including churches, mosque, forts, museums and also some other old structures which reminds some important happening of the past. Apart from these the natural beauties includes the natural environment created by nature which includes Mountains, hills, beaches, forests, deserts, waterfalls and other natural vegetations. Animals and sea creatures also come under this category.

        Tourism in the United States of America: 

        The United States of America is the favorite destination of travelers around the world as you get the package of almost everything in this nation. The nation is formed by the different people of various ethnicity having a huge combination of cultures and activities. Foreigners often visit the US to see the cities, natural wonders, historical building or landmarks, stadiums and entertainment venues like cinemas, malls and performance theatres. The US is considered as the second largest nation in attracting tourists from around the world after France and Spain. There are many other attractions in the US like amusement parks, festivals, casinos, various golf courses, hotels, museums, spas, and galleries, etc.

        Region wise travel places in the US: Region-wise travel places are explained under with detailed specifications.


        Houston is located in the US state of Texas and is a flat marshy area where the extensive drainage system has been built. Houston experiences the humid subtropical climate. Houston is home to Bayou Place entertainment complex, restaurant, plaza. Bayou music centre stages live concerts, stand-up comedy and stage play. The two major ethnic enclaves of Houston includes the Chinatown and Mahatma Gandhi Enclave which reflects Houston’s multicultural makeup. Houston is home to 337 parks few of which are named below:

        • Hermann Park.

        • Terry Hershey Park.

        • Lake Houston Park.

        • Tranquillity Park.

        • Discovery green.

        Flyers can use Tajwal coupon code to book discounted flights to Houston.

        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        New York:

        New York is the state in the northeast of the US and is considered a highly populated state. The State experiences the humid subtropical climate. The New York city has a complex park system with various land operated by National park service. The various national parks in the US includes

        • Gateway National recreation area.

        • Jamaica bays wildlife refuge.

        • Rockaway peninsula.

        • Jacob Riis Park.

        • Fort Tilden.

        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        Major tourist destinations in the New York state includes

        • Times Square.

        • Broadway theatre.

        • Statue of Liberty.

        • United Nations headquarters.

        • Manhattan Chinatown.

        • Central Park.

        Manhattan was on the track to have around 90,000 hotel rooms by the end of the year 2014. New York is the popular destination for travelers around the world as you find many major attractions at this place.

        Los Angeles:

        Los Angeles is the most populous city in California. The city has a long history as it was ruled by many empires. Due to the influence of many rulers and various settlements of migrants, this city has a vast and different culture. There are many old historical sites at this place for the travel. Almosafer coupon codes are provided by the ocean website for traveling in Los Angeles. Few of the major landmarks in this area include

        • Capitol Records building.

        • Battleship Iowa.

        • The Broad.

        • Griffith Observatory.

        • Grauman’s Chinese theatre.

        • Angels Flight.

        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        Los Angeles experiences the Mediterranean climate. Los Angeles is called the creative capital of the world. There are many artists, dancers, singers, actors, and filmmakers who originated from here due to which the theatre and various other galleries developed here in much more extent.


        Miami is the cultural, financial and economic center of South Florida. Miami spits into various parts that are North, South, West, and Downtown which is the heart of the Miami. Miami experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The tourism industry is the largest in this place. The city s frequently portrayed in movies, songs and other cultures have made it famous worldwide. In 2016 it attracted the second highest foreign tourists visiting the United States. Miami Beach convention center is renovated recently. Miami has the record of tourist visit in the year of 2017. Some of the most popular tourist destinations include

        • South Beach.

        • Lincoln Road.

        • Bayside Marketplace.

        • Downtown Miami.

        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        Apart from these, there are many other places including night clubs, historical buildings, and shopping malls which tend to be major attractions among the tourists visiting the place. The Vizcaya Museum and garden is also a famous place in Miami. Agoda coupon code provides the best deals in the flight tickets for visiting Miami.


        Dallas is the city in the Texas state of the United States. Dallas has a humid subtropical climate. The place has a relatively wide range of temperature. Dallas operates and maintains 406 parks. Few of the major attractions include

        • Fair Park.

        • Klyde Warren Park.

        • Turtle creek parkway park.

        • Lake cliff park.

        • Reverchon Park.

        • Trinity River project.

        Cheap Flights To Top Travel Destinations In The USA

        The city is well equipped with various mode of transports including railways and airways. Dallas has a very old economy which gives it rich heritage and various historical monuments. It is the perfect place for recreation and enjoyment.


        Philadelphia is the largest city in the US state. Philadelphia is in the humid subtropical climate zone. The major attraction here is the independence historical national park which includes the liberty bell, independence park, and some other historic sites. The country has 22 UNESCO world heritage sites. The city has 67 national historic landmarks. The city has an efficient role in the music industry of the United States. Famous rock and pop music of the city include Bill Haley and his comets, Todd Rundgren, Nazz, Hall, and Oates, etc. The city has some of the best cuisines in the area some of the famous dishes includes hoagies, Stromboli, scrapple, water ice and cheesesteak sandwich. These all the dishes were developed by the Italian migrants. Some of the famous sports stadiums and parks include

        • Wells Fargo Centre.

        • Citizens bank park.

        • Boathouse Row.

        • Talen Energy stadium.