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        Ono Matt
        • هونك بواسطة Ono Matt
        • 1 year ago

        Pampers Premium Pants - Size 3 (6-11 kg) - 28 Count

        AED 39.00

        Product description Every day brings new experiences that help your baby develop. When babies start walking, they need to feel dry and comfortable in their diapers because the less they notice wearing them, the more they can feel free to focus on exploring the world. That is why we have created the new Pampers Premium Care Pants especially designed for toddling babies: The soft all-around waistband follows every movement of the baby, so it is comfortable to wear and prevents leakage. It keeps babies' skin dry for up to 12 hours, similarly to our regular diapers. They are easy to change, just like underwear. عرض المزيد

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