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About Next

Next is in existence since 1864 by the name of J. Hepworth & Son in Leeds, England. In 1982, they opened the first NEXT store with an exclusive collection of stylish clothes, accessories and shoes for women. Next quickly established themselves in other collections for men, children and the home. In 2015, Next opened its 546th store in United Kingdom and Eire also, they are still expanding their presence in both offline and online market. Next has around 200 stores present in more than 70 countries outside the UAE and a worldwide presence through its online marketplace.

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Next is a one stop shop for all of your outfit requirements delivering a plethora of never ending range of handpicked outfits right at your doorstep. The wide collection makes the shopping practice merrier when topped with Next deals and Next offers. Next is known for the unmatched shopping trend they extend to customers while frequent coupons and deals make the experience unforgettable. Along with a great collection and a fun shopping, they also allow the consumer to avail Next Coupon code especially for the UAE market. This online shopping platform is famous for its Pocket friendly collection of clothing, furnishing and personalised gifts. Next UAE is here to solve all your budget constraints and allows you to try something fashionable, latest and trendy every time you shop with Next.

Next: One Stop Shop for Pocket-Friendly Shopping

Next online shopping portal is heaven for the buyers who are always on a hunt for every best and beautiful deal that hits the market. The catch here are the irresistible pricings that acts like a cherry on the cake. The unbelievable price quotations on all the top-level fashion brands, national or international, steal your heart. You can easily fulfil your craving of best quality stuff at budget prices here by applying Next promo code 2017.

Pandora of Categories at Next

Next is a known name in the SA online shopping portals’ directory. It has established itself in such a strong position by unique offerings, innovative and creative tactics keeping the customer satisfaction as the priority. Next has a virtually infinite collection which has been sorted into some beautiful and intelligently crafted categories to make the shopping easy, fun and convenient. Next is an inspiration when it comes to the varieties be the women’s section which is loaded with clothing, shoes, accessories options and have collections for every occasion from sophisticated office wardrobe to striking occasion wear. In your beautiful maternity period, no worries! Next got you covered by their selected range of maternity women’s wear.

Besides this, Next allows the customers to shop by range to make the experience even more incredible. Next has categorised their shop in categories like men, girls, boys to understand the customer’s need at the initial stage only. Next also allows the consumer to shop product-wise for shoes, home and furniture, brands, personalised gifts and even has a separate section to entertain the consumers who are looking something for a particular event like Christmas or Thanks-giving. Interestingly, Next also has a great list of extra services that includes flowers, plants and wines collection, wedding and gift cards, sofas, curtains, lighting and lot more.

Payment and Shipping

The Next has made the payment process as smooth as they can in order to give a hassle-free shopping experience to the customers. You need not to pay even a single penny extra while making the online transactions through cards, credits or Next Coupon codes. As Next uses the high end encryption technology, your card details, e-wallets’ credential are safe and secure. Next also have their own e-wallet, ‘Next Pay’, which is always loaded with offers and discounts. ‘Next pay’ is a Next credit account, that allows you shop now, and pay later, which is one of the easy and secure ways to shop.

Short Description of Next

The ‘NEXT Directory’, a ground-breaking mail order operation was launched in 1988 with a hardback having 350 pages, benchmarked as the blueprint for catalogue retailing. In Summer 2016 book alone, there were 770 pages offering extensive collections for women, men, kids and everything else you can think of to make your home exceptional. By making their entire catalogue available on internet for the consumers in 1999, NEXT stepped in the online marketspace with a bang. Besides its humongous presence around the globe and unmatched customer satisfaction, the prime objective (financial) of the NEXT group is to provide long term returns to the shareholders.

Save more with Next Unlimited

Shipping charges can be the sweet poison slowly killing your budget and doing a much greater harm to your shopping habits and also the wait of 4-5 days, in general, can be a pain when you are in need of that product on urgent basis. At NEXT online store, you can remove the shipping restraints forced down your throat and can shop freely as the store provides you with a ticket to purchase all your favourites without any shipping charges with the availability of one-day delivery on every order without any minimal amount. At NEXT, you can purchase nextunlimited to reduce all the shipping hassles at minimal yearly cost and can save up to AED 150 on your shopping at NEXT website. Every customer enrolled in the nextunlimited plan would be getting some extra privileges like one-day delivery, no minimum order amount, free returns on every purchase and unlimited products to shop every day. To get the best out from nextunlimited, customers can use NEXT coupon codes UAE to shop all their fashion and homeware essentials at least possible prices to be shipped just one day after the order date.

  • العيد القادم

    مجموعة العيد القادم: خصم يصل إلى 30% على نكست الإمارات العربية المتحدة

    مجموعة العيد القادم سارية الآن على الأزياء الرائعة لموسم العيد من نكست الإمارات. أسرعي فالعرض سينتهي قريبا. فالكمية محدودة

  • خاص

    الكريسماس في المنزل مع المجموعة الخاصة من نكست

    اشتر أفضل مجموعات الكريسماس للمنزل من نكست الآن. كل شيء متاح الآن على نكست

  • فرصة

    فساتين النساء من ليبسي موجودة على نكست لايف

    اشتري من المجموعات الأكثر مبيعا في الشرق الأوسط الآن على نكست. المجموعة موجودة على نكست الآن. لا تفوت الفرصة لشرائها حيث أنها مجموعة محدودة

  • ويمين نيو إن

    مجموعة ملابس ويمين نيو إن موجودة الآن على نكست

    اشتري أفضل مجموعة جديدة من الملابس على نكست. مجموعة النساء الخاصة متوافرة الآن

  • تخفيض الأحذية ذات الرقبة الطويلة

    اشتري الأحذية ذات الرقبة الطويلة بأقل من 100 درهم مع نكست

    اشتري الأحذية من أفضل المجموعات مع نكست حيث كل شيء بأقل من 100 درهم. لا تفوت هذه الفرصة

  • اقل من 100 درهم

    اشتري أفضل مجموعة من الأحذية بأقل من 100 درهم

    اشتري أفضل مجموعة أحذية بأفضل الأسعار. كل شيء بأقل من 100 درهم. أسرعي فالصفقة ستنتهي قريبا

  • احتفال

    مجموعة مجموعة احتفالات مع نكست

    حان الوقت للاحتفال مع نكست! ستجد كل شيء تحتاجه في احتفال هذا الموسم مع نكست, من الأشجار للزينة والهدايا لكل العائلة. هذه السنة بذلوا جهدا كبيرا للحرص على أن كل شيء في مكانه كي تصبح عملية الإهداء أسهل. سواء كنت مخططا دقيقا أو متسوق اللحظات الأخيرة سيعطونك هنا موسما احتفاليا لن تنساه