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        Ono Matt
        • هونك بواسطة Ono Matt
        • 1 year ago

        Warner Bros. - Natural Sensitive Wet Wipes - Lavender

        AED 5.00

        Description: Our wet wipes are made with a unique formula that is gentle on you but hygienically cleans. It has been enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E for a moisturized feel. Specifically designed with kids in mind this does not contain any alcohol or Paraben, Sulphate, Phathalete & EDTA. A great pocket sized pack of wipes for use by all ages. Features: Refreshing Wet Wipes Paraben Free, Sulfate Free and Phthalate Free Includes 12 sheets of wipes Gentle wipes for facial & hand use عرض المزيد

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