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        10 Beautiful Destinations For Avid Travelers

        By : Pradhumnya khanayat , on 06-05-19

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        If you are an avid traveler and you want to visit some attractive places in the world, the middle east should be something you never miss! In this article, we will discuss 10 most beautiful places in the world.

        The most attractive places where you can take your partners are:

        ● Tel Aviv, Israel 

        Israeli town Tel Aviv is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Architectural values of the buildings around the city will woo your senses. You can enjoy the beautiful pristine beaches everywhere in this city; can spend some romantic time with your partner there. When you thought that you have seen every part of this city, its cuisine will astonish your tastebuds. The weather of Tel Aviv is wonderful across the year making this city on the top of our list.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Dubai, UAE

        People are crazily in love with this place. It's the paradise of all shopping enthusiasts. People that love brands and branded products find Dubai a wonderful place to shop. All the leading brands are sprawled across the beautiful Dubai mall. Lots of other shopping centers are also available there. Underground Marine park beside the Dubai mall is another big attraction for tourists. All these reasons made this city on this list.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Doha, Qatar

        Everything you can expect to get adrenaline rush in your body is available in Qatar. This city offers lots of food, beaches and shopping malls for the visitors. The UNESCO World Heritage site fort Zubarah is present in Doha. The well-blended culture of this country is an added attraction for all the visitors. The desert safari and all water sports available here are a must for adventure enthusiasts. Emirates discount code is available for travel enthusiasts.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Petra, Jordan

        One of the wonders of the world Petra has lots to offer. The ruin of the ancient culture will poke the history lover in you. The desert at night is one of those rarest things that you certainly don't want to miss. This is known as the Rose city for the rose gold stone carvings scattered everywhere in the city. Petra also offers you the chance of a lifetime; sleeping under the stars. You can actually see the facade of stars everywhere in front of your eyes when you lie down. This is one of the biggest attractions of Petra besides the rock climbing trips. If you have a child looking for adventure in you, this is the place you certainly don't want to miss!

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Beirut, Lebanon

        When it comes to Lebanon, the first thing that comes to our minds is the food. The various types of foods that are available in this country can woo you. The nightlife is jazzy and one can dance till the dawn. Beirut is filled with some amazing beaches and the shopping options are quite exquisite for the travelers. In short, one can get everything that makes one fall in love with this city.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Istanbul, Turkey

        The Ottoman culture is still available at every brick of this city. Though the city reminds you of one of those oldest eras, it also showcases the youthful cheers of today's generation. All the modern amenities are readily available here and the amalgamation of the old and the new makes this city one of the most wanted places in the whole wide world. The colorful food and spice markets are one of the biggest attractions of this city. Another wonderful attraction is the variety of food in Istanbul.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Cairo, Egypt

        The biggest attraction of Cairo is certainly the pyramids. These are one of the seven wonders of the world and even after all of these years, the technology behind these gigantic monuments are still out of men's hands. This is the biggest attraction of this place. Besides this, the desert safari is another big attraction for people heading towards Egypt.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Abu Dhabi, UAE

        People working on the oil sector and in various other fields need to visit this town on job purposes. Besides this, the big malls situated here offer almost all types of branded products in a very affordable price range. The gold ornaments available here are made of pure gold and are work of art. If one wants to buy pure gold, Abu Dhabi is certainly the place he or she should visit. One can certainly search for discount code UAE to avail his booking to this beautiful place.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

        The Hajj; the Mecca of Muslims is situated here. This is the place that every Muslim residing in every part of the world wants to visit. Besides this, lots of serene beaches are available here and adventure water sports are also available for the tourists.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        ● Manama, Bahrain

        Multiculturalism is the biggest attraction of this city. Foods, beaches, nightlife, and activities are almost the same as other GCC countries. This place is small but offers almost all sorts of facilities to the visitors. You can search for Tajawal discount code for your trip to this city.

        10 beautiful destinations for avid travelers

        These are the most attractive places on the world map and if you are a travel enthusiast, you should definitely visit these places at least once in your life.