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        10 Best Wardrobe Design To Light Up Your Room

        By : Pradhumnya khanayat , on 21-05-19

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        Wardrobe or our clothes closet is a very integral part of our bedroom. For a modernized way of living, you need to wear fashionable clothes every day and for that, you need a closet. Some people think that how will it matter if I choose a designer closet or a normal close. But let me say my friend you and your bedroom wardrobe both need to be fashionable. If you are a UAE based person then you need to know two stores that come up with a beautiful closet design. And that will make you confuse what to choose and why to choose that only. The two stores are named as Noon store and Ikea store.

        Before looking for the designs, one more beneficial thing is that you can apply your Noon Coupon code provided by the particular store of Noon from where you have purchased earlier or will purchase now and same goes for Ikea store. They also come up with discount coupon code named as Ikea discount code UAE which will facilitate you to receive some extra discount during your purchase. Now just look up for some bedroom wardrobe designs:

        • Multifunctional Wardrobe:

        For a room which has a small area but the owner has every sufficient appliance that a person needs. The wardrobe for him should be multifunctional so that it has T.V. cabinets, book space, a couple of drawers and many useful cabinets.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • See through closet:

        If you are a very fashion conscious person and from night only you start thinking about your next day clothes, your best friend is here guys. You just need to see through it and decide what to wear.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Elevated Wardrobe:

        If you are a bit lazy or you are a multitasking person who just wants to be on the laptop and at the same time do other works also like choosing your next day clothes, take out files from your wardrobe cabinets. You can easily do that with this kind of closet because they are designed just above and attached to the bed so that to make your life a bit easier.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Shifting panels Wardrobe:

        This is the modern classic kind of closet which saves a lot of your bedroom space as well as to give your closet a spacious dimension.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Sleek closet :

        If you require a sleek as well as a modern closet. It will be very beneficial if you just want to keep some important or day to day clothes in it. They are very handy yet very room friendly.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Vintage wardrobe:

        Vintage wardrobes are the most classic type of wardrobes which add a sophistication angle to your room. It looks sober yet attractive.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Mirror closet:

        The closet which has a mirror in front of them serves a dual role. It will definitely keep your clothes but it will also help you to see that you are so beautiful and make you as well as your room feel so.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Laminated door closet :

        It’s a very official kind of look as well as looks very professional also. At the same time, if you want to inculcate some texture and pattern of different types then this will be the finest option of a wardrobe.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Antique Wardrobe:

        Antique cupboards are for those who are in search of antiques stuffs in this modern world. It will contrary compliment your modernly designed bedroom.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        • Shifting Glass doors closet:

        They are a bit different from the normal shifting closet because this closet has glass doors. So the closet becomes light weighted and can be used easily with giving a modern touch also.

        10 best wardrobe design to Light up your Room

        Along with these, there are five more kinds of closet design which you will find in both Noon and Ikea. While building our dream home we usually only strategies about its infrastructure. Wardrobe or closet turned up to be a very integral part of our room so along with your home designing, think for your wardrobe designing also. Looking after so many options, after choosing one will transform your bedroom look totally. The prime function of the closet is to store clothes as well as some important things, apart from this role these designer closet will make your room look fashionable, modernized and up to date. The materials from which they are made are of supreme quality and they are crafted as per the requirement of customers need. So they are made so effortlessly that even you will fall in love with such designer closets. Wrapping up all these points, you need to just visit the official site Noon or Ikea or rush to the store nearer you to get your dream closet soon.