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        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        By : Pradhumnya khanayat , on 11-10-18

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        A Suit, it not just defines elegance but gives a whole new name to your personality. It is the best attire a man can own and truly defines the word unique. Suits come in different styles and patterns, and no wardrobe is complete without a well-tailored suit. So, transform yourself with these 5 looks and sort your fashion worries.

        1. Single Breasted Suit

        A single-breasted suit is popularly known as the “British Style Suit” because of its semi-casual semi-formal look. This Suit type is perfect for every occasion and can be paired with a waistcoat inside for a more professional business look. Go for Navy blue or Grey for smarter, flatter and sharper look.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        2. Wedding Suit

        Wedding suits vary in cuts and silhouettes. They are the best pick for any wedding as they fit perfectly to your body shape and are open on the front. Fabrics like jacquard, velvet, check fabrics, silk would perfectly complement every body shape and color.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        3. Tuxedo

        Tuxedo is the best type of suit a man can pull off. This evening wear has jackets lapels that are designed with satin to distinguish it from other types of suits. Tuxedos are best for parties and ultra-formal occasions. Make sure you pair it with a bow tie and dress shoes to give on-lookers that hint of perfection.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        4. Mandarin Suit

        A type of Indian Bandhgala, this suit style is ideal for weddings and other informal occasions like a cocktail party or a gala night. Mandarin suits got its name from Mandarin collar or Nehru collar which is a close-cut collar shape suit with straight jacket lapel with 5-7 buttons on the front. Mandarin suit is one such type which a man should definitely hold.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        5. Business Suit

        Ideal for that big conference meeting or a deposition with the client. Business suits is such type you cannot afford to miss. A well-tailored business suit with rich soft fabric is easy to wear, keep your body cool and gives you enough space to move your hands and shoulders. The most perfect color for a business suit is navy blue as it makes the overall look sharper, serious and well groomed. You can pair your navy-blue business suit with tan or chocolate brown shoes.

        7 Men's suit styles for for every ocassion

        6. Lounge Suit

        A lounge suit is a type of dress code formally worn on occasion such as a daytime/night business event, social outings like lunches, reception, funerals etc. A lounge suit can be a 3-piece suit or a 2-piece suit with a single or double-breasted jacket. Buy one for yourself and never look out of the place.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion

        7. Double Breasted Suit

        A double-breasted suit has two wider overlapping front flaps having two parallel rows of buttons. They are popularly worn in striped fabrics and in shades of blue and grey. Double breasted suits are more formal and you can wear them to a wedding, workplace or any dressy event. Don’t pair them with denim rather match it a contrasting trouser that complements your jacket and your dress shoes.

        7 Suit Styles For Every Occasion