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        Men’s Summer Style Guide 2019

        By : Pradhumnya khanayat , on 30-04-19

        men's summer style guide 2019

        So far, 2019 is proving to be a fascinating year for men’s Fashion, and quite shocking for thousands across the world too, as the behemoths of the industry decided to bring back trends from the mid 90s rock culture, a decision which while leaving people stunned has no doubt led to more discussion surrounding the field of Men’s Fashion. Chic colors and modern tailoring have come to the center of the scene in a big way, with quite a lot of designers now focusing on Suits. Bare chests, always that controversial hit, have also been seen, and this has made an impact like no other.

        Trends such as Leather Pants and Tailoring have made comebacks in the most glorious ways possible, as even the designer is known for streetwear and streetwear only, Virgil Abloh (the designer for Louis Vuitton) included suits in his collection for Louis Vuitton. Other prints have also made comebacks in major ways, such as reptilian print and neon, both of which grew to intense heights of fame this year. A Gucci Coupon Code UAE can be very useful when trying to follow the trends on this list, as none of them come cheap!

        Iconic Spring Men’s Fashion Trends of 2019

        As promised, 2019 brought back some of the most prominent trends of yesteryear, along with introducing new twists on these trends in big ways. Super Shorts, not exactly the favorite of Men’s Fashion, had new breathed into them by labels such as Miuccia Prada and Hermes, and people around the world just love it!

        Read on to find out more about some of the most famous Men’s Spring/Summer Style Trends 2019:

        Shorts: A Controversial Hit

        Really short shorts have made a major appearance this year, as a lot of designers including Fashion legend Prada, unveiled new and energizing prints for shorts, with some of the most prominent being the tie-dye leather of Louis Vuitton, along with the retro prints offered by Dries Van Noten. If you have toned legs, and don’t mind turning some heads, these are the Fashion Statement for you! A Nisnass Coupon Code can help you get one of these.

        Men’s Spring/Summer Style Guide 2019

        ● Suits With Bare Suits: You Think?

        This Spring, be a little provocative and wear your Suits without a shirt underneath to make a bold Fashion Statement. For 2019, the way to wear your suit is with a complete bare chest. That’s right, completely nothing! This trend made headlines in all the major fashion publications, as people around the world received a pleasant shock witnessing the ultra chic suit sans shirt displayed at Hermes.

        Men’s Summer Style Guide 2019

        ● Reptilian Prints

        Reptilian Prints have made a bold comeback this year from the mid-1960s, as labels like Saint Laurent and Alyx have showcased loud and proud Reptilian Prints. Some of the prominent Reptilian Prints this year were jackets with brown hues, and a red Reptilian scale print shirt and trousers combo. Make your 2019 Spring much, much sexier with the choice Reptilian Print garments for you! An H&M UAE Promo Code can be used when buying these online.