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        We welcome you to the world of Asaan. We are a community of Artists, Experts and Amateurs who can showcase their expertise and raw talent in inspiring the followers and fellow users. Discovering new ways to shop and letting people know what good you have in your bag, as an Influencer .

        If you are a user on Asaan, you already are a Publisher.
        All users are publishers on Asaan.

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        It is a platform for you to share your buying skills with your audience and grow your viewership in the community. The better you shop and show, the larger your audience will be. It is great to have enthusiastic people like you to come on board and share your raw talent and expertise in making buying choices for people easier.

        If you are an avid Shopper, someone who loves to Travel or a Gadget Einstein, then you are a Superhero in disguise for your followers! Help them find the right dress or that perfect date shirt, or a fun holiday package that you loved or a gadget that would make their day easy.

        create a keen

        It is fun to shop with your friends. Asaan is like going to a mall with your friends but also discovering newer ways to shop and connecting with more people along the way. It is a Social Discovery Platform for individuals like you to come on board and convert your newly made circle of friends through Asaan into a community of like-minded users who have fun while they shop and share. The content you Honk is your USP, it is your very own personal creation. You have control over your content, you own it and have the freedom to manage it.

        advantages with

        Not just spending with your friends is fun, but the trust you gain and build with your content would go a long way. You get to inspire others to follow their passion for shopping as well. Build your trusted community and there is an added advantage- With each post, you get an opportunity to earn and be an Early Advantage Seeker

        Also, you earn Cashback when you buy from others too. When you shop with your friends and spend money, you get a handful of money too! That sounds like a good deal, getting paid by us for your advice on what to buy!


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