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When it’s about making a very first impression or just routine life, healthy hygiene is extremely important and it can say more than words alone. To always remain on the top and keep up flawless hygiene, incorporate Molton Brown’s impeccable products in your body & beauty needs. Since establishment in 1973, Molton Brown has been consistently supplying everything including luxury beauty, body and shower range. Boost your savings when you utilize a Molton Brown UAE Discount Code at to always get the best offers & deals.

With more than 40 years, Molton Brown has provided premium services to its customers. New aromatic fragrances and offerings have made this ultimate brand iconic, with fans always excited for what's to come next from Molton Brown.

The site features a wide assortment of bath and body products. Molton Brown offers an abundance of categories to help you navigate and find exactly what you need. Some of the categories include: travel size toiletries, bath salts & oils, conditioner The exclusive site of Molten Brown Dubai includes a wide collection of body wash, bath & body gift sets, body lotion & cream, luxury soap bars, shampoo, body scrub, sensational summer skin and much more.

Notwithstanding the individual items, Molton Brown highlights great comparative products that make for an ideal all-around experience and include Black Peppercorn, Gingerlily, Mulberry and Thyme, Ylang-Ylang, Mesmerizing Oudh Accord and Gold, Coco and Sandalwood, Pink Pepper pod, Orange and Bergamot, Re-charge Black Pepper SPORT, Blossoming Honeysuckle and White Tea, Delicious Rhubarb and Rose, Tobacco Absolute, Dewy Lily of the Valley and Star Anise, Rosa Absolute, Exquisite Vanilla and Violet Flower, Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel, Comice Pear and Wild Honey and many more. These luxury items give something to everybody, bringing diverse styles and fragrances.

So, what are you looking next for? Browse Molten Brown today at Asaan for your shower body and magnificence needs. Regardless of whether it's a single item or a multiple collection, Molten Brown has everything to fulfill your necessities. So keep up with that flawless hygiene and remain on the top of the line with London’s luxury shower, body and beauty products supplier-Molten Brown and save huge discounts with Asaan.


We all know, skin care is very essential to always stay beautiful and young. So, following a consistent, balanced healthy skin regimen is a must requirement! Discover liberal body moisturizers, shower gels, and hair care made in England, inspired by the world’s best and finest mixtures from Molten Brown Dubai. Their bath and body care range is specifically intended to imbue your pampering and bathing schedules with glamorous fragrances and sustaining formulations for brilliant looking skin and hair.

From body cream to essential, their healthy skin care items will keep your skin feeling extraordinary with astonishing ingredients. Regardless of whether you need a full body to cleanse item or you're simply searching for body moisturizer with SPF, Molten Brown got you covered with all at the incredible price range.

With Molten Brown’s exclusive bath & body care collection, you can easily add something to your already scheduled daily skin care routine. Make an entirely different skincare schedule with Molten Brown and boost your savings with exclusively designed Molton Brown coupon code UAE at


We should not forget our hands and must reward them for all of their hard work they do for us for the entire life. So, give them a little extra care and indulge in Molten Brown’s exclusive Hands Care collection each filled with aromatic natural plant extracts and essential oils. Explore online today the Molten Brown’s user-friendly site and choose as per your mood, choice or colour scheme with an array of skin care products breathe into natural fragrances such as Moroccan pomegranate, sweet neroli orange blossom, cool elemi and spicy green Kaffir lime leaf.

Shop today this exclusive range to protect, moisturize and cleanse your hands whenever you want. Wherever you lead in your life, ensure your hands are ready for action with Molten Brown’s complete handcare range including Hand Wash, Hand Lotions, Hand Creams and Hand Wash Holders.

There are lots of satisfied customers out there who loved their hand care products! The fresh fragrances, all-natural ingredients, the hygienic feeling, you would not get much better than this! From mesmerizing Oudh accord gold hand wash to bergamot enriching hand lotion, there’s an organic fell in every product for everyone.

Get all these products from Molten Brown today to leave your hands feeling smooth, clean, soft, and lightly fragranced all the time. Buy all these products at affordable price on by applying Molton Brown promo code UAE on your purchase and let you keep your hands scented& smooth with the Molten Brown’s adorable hand care range.


Assume, strolling into a room that smells impeccably incredible and nothing can be superior to that aromatic feeling. Right? That is the reason Molten Brown brings every one of the aromas that you need to transform your home into the fresh and aromatic sanctuary that you always dreamt off.. Regardless of whether you have one scent that is your go-to fragrance or you like to switch it up, the range of categorized fragrance collection of Room Sprays, Scented candles and Aroma Reeds room sprays and room diffusers will lift your mood and will give you that fresh feeling all time in the year!

With more than 40 years of aromatic fragrance expertise refined into home aromas, charming scented candles, Molten Brown consistently growing its collection every day. Head over to Molten Brown at Asaan today and grab these home fragrances with updated offers and Molton Brown Vouchers UAE and keep your home fragrant for quite a long time at such incredible discounts!


Rejuvenate your grooming schedule with Molten Brown’s Men’s Care range, because a good skincare regimen is not exclusively made for women only, but is vital for men too! Indulge your sense with the Men's Skincare, Men's Shaving Products, Men's Deodorant, Men's Shower Gel, Men's Hair Care, Men's Gym Bag Essentials with the spicy Black Pepper Collection, Re-Charge Black Pepper body wash and more. Go for Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath & Shower Gel to Russian Leather Eau de Toilette, the men’s collection is endless at Molten Brown.

So, all men out there get ready to shop the products at Molten Brown on to keep you fresh and revived all day long. And, don’t forget to apply Molton Brown UAE Discount Code, if you want to enhance your skin hygiene along with enhanced offers and discounts.

  • Relaxing Ylang- Ylang

    Up To 70 AED OFF| On Relaxing Ylang- Ylang| Use Molton Brown Promo Code UAE

    Purchases the latest collection of Relaxing Yalng- Ylang online from Molton Brown UAE. Shop online from Molton Brown UAE and get an 70 AED Off on that. Hurry up deal is ending soon.

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  • Tobacco Absolute

    Up To 290 AED Off| On Tobacco Absolute| At Molton Brown UAE

    Checkout the latest collection of Tobacco Absolute online from Molton Brown UAE. Use Molton Brown AE Promo Code and get an 290 AED Off on that. Shop Now!

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    Molton Brown Promo Code Detail:

    •  This Molton Brown Promo Code is only available for Tobacco Absolute.
    • Use Molton Brown Promo Code and get an 290 AED Off. 
    • The discount is applicable to discounted & non discounted items. 
  • Jasmine & Sun Rose

    Get 290 AED OFF| On Jasmine & Sun Rose| At Molton Brown UAE

    Checkout the latest collection of Jasmine & Sun Roses online from Molton Brown UAE. Use Molton Brown Promo Code and get an 290 AED Off on that. Shop Now!

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    • This Molton Brown Promo Code is onluy available for Jasmine & Sun Roses
    •  Use Molton Brown Promo Code and get an 290 AED Off.
    • The discount is applicable to discounted & non discounted items.